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Fan filter unit (FFU) is a kind of ceiling unit with internal fan, used for turbulence and laminar flow clean room, the unit design is flexible, according to the design specifications, it can easily match with any ceiling skeleton, in order to achieve the clean grade 1000 to 1 level requirements.The fan filter unit is one of the quietest and best priced units in the clean market.With this unit, high quality air can be delivered to clean rooms.And air manifold is good, it is suitable for semiconductor, electronics,flat panel display and disk drives and optical, biological industry and other industries used in the clean room, clean bench, clean production, packaged clean room and local best level, etc and the other is required to strictly control the air pollution of local low energy, reduce the operation cost.

Fan filter unit (FFU) Features:

* High Energy Efficiency

* High Airflow Capacity

* Energy saving

* Service and maintenance friendly

* Time saving - quick & easy auto installation

* Quick and Easy Commissioning

* Solution for any customers demand

1. Extremely low operation consumption and power consumption, reducing cost.

2. Built in duct diversion system to reduce noise and pressure loss and improve fan efficiency.

3. Can easily match with a variety of brands of t-grid, HEPA, ULPA.

4. The fan filtration unit adopts high efficiency centrifugal fan to provide high air volume.High static pressure conditions,working life requirements up to more than 50,000 hours.

5. Suitable for use in class Class 1-1000 clean room.

6. It is especially suitable for assembling ultra-clean production line. It can be arranged as a single set for use according to the process requirements, or multiple sets can be connected in series to form a 100-level assembly line.

7. Before leaving the factory, the products are scanned and detected one by one with dust particle counter in accordance with the U.S. federal standard to ensure the quality.

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