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Engineering Low Noise High Efficiency FFU With Motor for Cleanroom

  • Product Name:Aluminum Frame Air Pleat HEPA Filter.
  • Weight (KG):30.
  • Noise:56-60dBA.
  • Video Outgoing-inspection:Provided.
  • Machinery Test Report:Provided.
  • Core Components:Engine, Motor.
  • Air Velocity:0.45m/s or 90 FPM.
  • Power Consumption:80w and 110w.
  • Hepa Filter Efficiency:99.99%, 99.995% H13 or H14.
  • Power Supply:1PH, 220V 50-60HZ or DC motor.
  • Average Air Flow:600m3/h and 1200m3/h.
  • Overall Size:575*575*260mm and 1175*575*260mm (any customize is available).
  • Material:steel coated, SUS201, SUS304, Galvanized steel.
  • Applicable Industries:Building Material Shops, Manufacturing Plant, Food & Beverage Factory, Construction works , Food & Beverage Shops.
  • AM-FFU01

  • Amber

  • AM-FFU01


 Amber Fan Filter Units Description

1)Fan Filter Units (FFUs) are air filtration and ventilation systems that can improve air quality and create a clean and controlled environment. With powerful fans and high quality filters, FFUs are effective at removing contaminants and maintaining a constant airflow. They are widely used in cleanrooms, laboratories and industrial facilities to maintain optimum air cleanliness and protect sensitive equipment and processes.

2)Key Features:

  • Powerful fan performance: Our FFUs feature high-performance fans that efficiently circulate and filter large volumes of air, ensuring consistent airflow and effective removal of airborne particles.

  • High quality filters: Our FFUs are equipped with HEPA or ULPA filters that effectively capture and remove contaminants such as dust, pollen, bacteria and other microscopic particles.

  • Adjustable airflow control: Our FFUs offer adjustable airflow settings, allowing users to regulate air speed and direction according to specific requirements. This ensures precise air distribution and optimum ventilation throughout the controlled environment.

  • Quiet operation: Our FFUs operate quietly, providing a comfortable working environment without compromising air filtration performance.

  • Energy Efficiency: Our FFUs are energy efficient, using advanced motor technology and optimised airflow design to reduce power consumption and operating costs.


 Testing Quality



  • Galvanized Steel Material.

  • H13 H14 Hepa Filte Optional.

  • Aluminum Fan.

  • AC 220/50-60Hz.



  • Galvanized Steel Material.

  • H13 H14 Hepa Filte Optional.

  • Aluminum Fan.

  • AC 220/50-60Hz.



  • SUS304, SUS201 optional.

  • H13 or H14 HEPA filter optional.

  • Aluminum Fan.

  • AC 220V*50-60HZ.

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Amber is a professional engaged in providing turnkey solution in a clean room project such as hospital operating room, ICU, ward, pharmaceutical, bio-lab and so on.


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