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Flow Maintain Cleanroom Clean Room Pass Box for Biotechnology

  • AM-PB12

  • Amber


Pass Box

Amber's pass box is a cleanroom auxiliary device whose main application is the transfer of small items between clean zones and between clean zones and between clean zones and non-clean zones. It is designed to reduce the number of times a cleanroom door is opened, thereby minimizing the level of contamination in the cleanroom.

Advantages and features of pass box:

The Pass box has a number of features. Firstly, it is designed with rounded corners that are more suitable for cleanroom principles. Secondly, the outer wall is sprayed with high quality cold rolled steel to ensure the durability of the equipment. When transferring items over short distances, the stainless steel clean transfer window adopts a powerless roller on the working surface, which makes transferring items easy and convenient. In addition, the doors on both sides of the window are equipped with mechanical or electronic interlocking devices to ensure that the doors on both sides cannot be opened at the same time, thus preventing cross-contamination.

In practice, Pass box is widely used in various places that need to maintain a highly clean environment, such as biosafety laboratories, physical and chemical laboratories and so on. It serves as a transfer channel for goods between areas with different cleanliness levels, effectively maintaining the cleanliness of each area and improving work efficiency.

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