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Cleanroom Door


Modular Clean Room Doors

Clean doors can be used in all levels of clean rooms, purification rooms, dust-free rooms, trailers and other places where a color plate partition is needed. It has advantages of double sealing, thermal insulation, heat insulation and sound insulation.


1. The door page is filled with high-pressure PU foam which meet standard fire prevention, heat transfer resistance≧0.25m2 k/w,

Sound insulation performance≧25dB, surface plate is PVC anti-static film or color steel anti-static spray treatment.

2. Anti-radiation door can choose 1.0mm or 2.0mm stereotype inside.

3. Aluminum frame and sealed by specially designed sealing strips, to ensure good sealing effect.

4. The track adopts high-strength special aluminum material with flip-type stainless steel door cover, nice appearance and easy to install& maintain, and LED display "in operation".

5. The four-degree adjustable door body suspension device can effectively adjust the door up-down and left-right to make the door achieve the good sealing effect.

6. With assistant handle, can easily open the door in the event of power failure.

Product Feature:

* Applicated in clean room, Lab, hospital etc

* First level environmental protection galvanized steel

* Using one-piece production method which it's seamlessly spliced, won't accumulate dust, and is easy to clean

* Three side of the door is sealed, good airtight

* Fire protect and durable, filled high-strength flame-retardant core material

* Using high quality stainless steel SUS304 hinge and handles

* With antibacterial powder coated on surface, suitable for hospital, operation room, ward, food, pharmacy usage


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Amber is a professional engaged in providing turnkey solution in a clean room project such as hospital operating room, ICU, ward, pharmaceutical, bio-lab and so on.


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