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Air Shower


Clean Room Air Shower Tunnel

Personnel air showers minimize the transfer of dust particles on cleanroom clothing into cleanrooms. Tunnel Air Shower is designed for cleanrooms with a larger than normal number of users, it shortens queuing time by allowing multiple, simultaneous users.

To achieve an optimal personnel flow the modular designed Tunnel Air Showers can be put together to air showers of different sizes. The Tunnel Air Shower offers a high cleaning effect and is designed for all cleanroom classes.

Product Feature:

* For high frequency use

* High cleaning effect in removing unwanted particles and contaminants

* Individual setting of the cleaning duration time

* Equipped with DC brushless motors , ensuring low-power consumption

* Easy integration into cleanroom-wall systems

* Low space requirement and easily retrofitted

Smart Panel

Intelligent controller is adopted, which is easy to operate, clear digital display and durable.

Door Closer

The process is upgraded, and using hydraulic buffer device, it can be used repeatedly 100,000 times.

Centrifugal Fan

The new fan and pure copper coli are adopted, which are durable, and the power is improved, and the wind force is increased.


The nozzle has been upgraded to be rotatable, increase the blowing angle, increase the blowing area and improve the efficiency.

High efficiency filter is adopted to increase the number of protective layers and effectively reduce the dust brought in and out of the air shower.

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